Dear Friend of the 24:14 Coalition,

Are you part of a location, church, or network that is training cross-cultural workers to start Church Planting Movements?

Do you know a location like this?

Are you an organizational leader trying to get a location like this started?

The 24:14 Coalition is putting together a network of CPM Training Hubs, and we want to connect you!

This is the first step to building a worldwide network of CPM Training Hubs that will help us fulfill the 24:14 Vision.

If you are working in a program like this, or are starting a program like this, you are working on the cutting edge of cross-cultural movement catalyst training!

Resources for you:

  • The 24:14 Hubs page has a video explaining CPM Training Hubs
  • There is a research document on the page that dives deep into the “why” behind Hubs. Some of you participated in the research to create this document.
  • There is a PDF that gives a great introduction to Hubs and the specific training competencies we are trying to promote

We want to find out:

  • What God is doing worldwide
  • What are the best practices in CPM Training
  • How churches, networks and teams running Hubs can network together
  • How to increase mobilization to effective CPM Training

We promise you:

  • We won’t share any of this unless you tell us we can
  • We are serious about security in how we keep our data (I used to live in a high security country)
  • We are here to help, and expect any/all participation to benefit you!

We are honored that you would trust us with this information. We look forward to using this for the benefit of the global Body of Christ, until every unreached people and place is engaged with a movement strategy to offer to Jesus the reward of His suffering.

Chris McBride

24:14 Coalition – Facilitation Team / Hubs Task Force

Mobile, Zoom, WhatsApp <254-366-2853 > • <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>