Stand firm, let nothing move you. Always give yourself to the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour in the Lord is not in vain. (1 Cor 15:58)

Many are using Zoom and other platforms which enable face-to-face discussions with multiple people.

Online IMTN Zoom meetings on training

To begin our conversation we are hosting two meetings for training leaders on Zoom. If you would like to talk to one of us one-to-one about getting your training online please get in touch. If you would like to talk with other training leaders about ways to synergise at this time drop in to our Zoom calls on Thursday 2nd April and Tuesday 7th April at 12noon GMT (1pm British Summer Time)

Please join us and meet other leaders of training institutions and training organisations. Enjoy a first tutorial from Kate Wiseman and Mark Hedinger in using Zoom for training and hear from others in a similar situation to you.

How to join our IMTN Zoom call:

You do NOT need to subscribe to Zoom and you do NOT need to download the Zoom app. To join us on either or both of our Zoom calls just click on the meeting link below. PLEASE NOTE that the time is GMT. 

Meeting date and time: Thursday 2nd April, 12noon GMT (1pm British Summer Time)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 488 411 2757

Meeting date and time: Tuesday 7th April, 12 GMT (1pm British Summer Time) 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 488 411 2757

We hope to see you soon and are eager to see how - in line with our IMTN motto - our conversations will lead to action.

Resource people on the calls:

Kate Wiseman - who works at All Nations Christian College in the UK. Kate has been involved in missionary training online for more than a decade. Her doctoral study was in online learning!

Mark Hedinger - who leads CultureBound out of Portland, Oregon, USA and in the last two years has successfully shifted their intercultural training online.

Bennie Wolvaardt - Co-founder and CEO of Veritas International, based in Perth, Australia, at the forefront of competency-based theological training and most recently has been shifting their MA programme online, including establishing online libraries. 

Ruth Wall - Long time m-trainer, residential and online, and currently delivering a four-month online training for a group of leaders across Central Asia using the free g suite classroom.


Other Resources on the Use of Zoom in General

A written quick start guide:

Helpful video on how to set up a Zoom meeting: Click here    

4 minute video for getting the best out of video church meetings 


Zoom Video Communications Training 

Kindly provided by the media team of Crossway Baptist Church in Australia -

Part 1:

Jump to the timestamp below for the following topics... 

00:07 What is Zoom? 

01:00 Installing Zoom 

03:00 Scheduling a Zoom meeting in Microsoft Outlook 

03:40 Generate or join a Zoom meeting from a Zoom account 

04:20 Setting up a Zoom account screen overview 

10:00 Zoom Interface Basic Overview 

12:10 Screen sharing in Zoom 

15:00 Recording Zoom meeting 

15:30 Zoom Chat Feature 

17:15 Helpful Tips & FAQ 


A step by step walkthrough of Zoom

Zoom Video Communications Training Part 2 - Basics 1 Walkthrough

Walkthrough Zoom Basics Part1

00:20 Setting up a free Zoom account 

01:50 Run a test meeting 

02:00 Testing your audio and microphone 

03:05 Testing your camera 

03:35 Basic video and audio settings/preferences 

04:46 Muting your microphone 

06:25 Share screen basic preferences 

06:45 Virtual Background quick look


Zoom Video Communications Training Pt 3 - Basics 2 Walkthrough

00:08 Zoom Account Basics 

02:26 Add Microsoft Outlook Calendar Zoom Plugin

02:50 Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Microsoft Outlook Calendar

05:49 Preparing for a Zoom Meeting

07:42 Accessing the scheduled meeting from Microsoft Outlook


Zoom Video Communications Training Part 4 - Basics 3 Walkthrough

00:07 Using the Zoom Client Desktop Application

00:12 Downloading the Zoom Client Desktop Application

00:25 Zoom Client Application Interface Basics 

01:32 Zoom Client Chat 02:48 Zoom Meetings

03:05 Start, join or schedule a Zoom meeting using the Zoom Client Desktop Application


Walkthrough training video Part 5 for Zoom featuring the ‘Waiting Room' feature


00:12 Set up & host a meeting with the ‘Waiting Room’ feature 

01:30 Schedule the meeting through MS Outlook 

02:48 Participant’s view of Waiting Room 

03:57 Join a meeting through MS Outlook 

05:45 Manage Waiting Room Guests 

06:40 Speaker and Gallery View Options with meeting examples 

08:24 Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom Video Communications Training Pt 6 (Breakout Room Feature)

Breakout rooms are a great way of creating a smaller meeting space separate to the main Zoom meeting for your participants to facilitate small group discussion or training. 

00:13 How to use the 'Breakout Room' Feature 

00:18 Assigning people to a breakout room 

01:26 Adding breakout rooms 

02:04 Opening breakout rooms 

03:18 Asking meeting host for help in a breakout room 

04:20 Send a message to breakout rooms 

04:52 Closing breakout rooms

Zoom Video Communications Training Part 7 (Recording Feature)

00:07 How to use the 'Record' feature in Zoom meetings 

00:24 Set up and prepare to record a Zoom meeting

01:55 How to check your PC or Mac has enough storage for a recording

02:52 Zoom Application recording preference settings

06:00 Zoom website recording preference settings

06:20 Cloud recordings06:53 Local recordings

08:58 Recording in a meeting (pausing and stopping recording)

11:11 Recording formats and sharing with your audience 

For quick access to all future training videos, we are adding them to an unlisted 'Team Crossway' playlist here


Alternatives to Zoom 


Theological Education in General

ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education with forums to contribute stories, prayer, and resources and information about the ICETE Academy.

ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education Facebook page with interviews with Theological Education.


Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Guide:


General Covid19 Resources

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