The International Missionary Training Network

The IMTN exists to glorify God by serving the global evangelical community in equipping men, women and families for cross-cultural ministry. The IMTN encourages missionary training programmes to enlist as institutional members of the IMTN. Membership is based on institutional commitment to the IMTN’s stated faith commitments and integral ministry principles and practices, not on academic criteria. Members are recommended to the IMTN by existing members and the WEA MC’s regional and national alliances. Members covenant together to uphold the commitments and standards of the IMTN and to assist each other in so doing. The direct benefits to an institution or programme of being a member of the IMTN are as follows:

  1. Institutional IMTN members gain identity and recognition as a body linked with the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission. The IMTN serves as a network of the WEA MC and extends this identity specifically to those entities that are training evangelical missionaries.
  2. The IMTN has a high commitment to sharing training resources in major languages of instruction.
  3. The IMTN encourages member institutions to be share expertise. Together we achieve what individually we cannot.