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Book Wealth and Piety: Middle Eastern Perspectives for Expat Workers

A new book from Karen Shaw - for those working among people of less economic viability than themselves: Wealth and Piety: Middle Eastern Perspectives for Expat Workers. 

Her husband, Perry Shaw, writes: a significant text for mission mobilisers, mission trainers, and mission HR people – and particularly recommended for new workers: not only those coming into the Middle East, but any seeking to serve cross-culturally. Available on Amazon at…/…/0878080791, but cheaper direct from William Carey at
• “This is one of the most important books on money, morality, and the Christian spiritual life ever written.” (Graham Hill) 
• “This book could change your life. … Thought-provoking and maybe game-changing. Read at your own risk!” (Miriam Adeney)
• “Do you want to honor Christ with your money? Read this book! Do you not want to honor Christ with your money? Even more urgently, read this book!” (Ida Glasser)
• “Karen Shaw has done a great service not only to expatriate workers but to us as national Christian leaders … May this book contribute to a deeper understanding of the relation between Christian faith, wealth, and true piety!” (Ramez Atallah)
• “Karen Shaw’s timely teaching should be carefully studied, discussed, and implemented by we believers whose natural inclinations … have been lulled into being mere hearers of God’s word on mammon, but not doers, deceiving our own selves. I will read and recommend this small book again and again.” (Jonathan Bonk)
• This is a book that will open your eyes on new insights on wealth and piety, allowing the Bible to speak to our daily life. … When you think about money in the life of the church, this book is a great resource.” (Najla Kassab)
• “Karen’s mix of careful listening, probing questions, biblical reflection and gentle yet insightful critique is the fruit of many years in the region, and models exactly what we look for in cross-cultural workers.” (Mike Parker)
• “A must read for not only the newly arrived expatriate but also for those with decades of experience. I only wish this book had been available when I first moved to the Middle East.” (Grant Porter)